Athletics Working Group

Purpose of the Working Group

To discuss and develop plans with respect to the various stages:

1. Prior to Reopening

  • Assess current facility layout and determine appropriate layout for physical distancing, and if additional facility signage is necessary
  • Consult with USports, OUA, and the appropriate PSO/NSO’s for guidelines regarding return to sport (Varsity/Club)
  • Consult NIRSA for appropriate guidelines for returning to recreational activity (Campus Rec, Aquatics, General Facility Usage)
  • Review and prepare safety guidelines for all staff, coaches, instructors, etc. in regards to day-to-day responsibilities
    • This includes adapting check-in desk procedures, staff roles, etc, to ensure physical distancing and appropriate cleaning protocols are in place
  • Create guidelines for member facility use in conjunction with Public Health Guidelines
    • appointment based workout times
    • determine maximum number of users/space
    • locker use policies
    • equipment usage/sharing (both fixed and moveable equipment)
  • Assess the need for athlete, patron, and staff screening
  • Determine cleaning procedures for workout spaces alongside Best Cleaners

2. Reopening Process

  • Prepare facility for use by arranging fitness equipment according to appropriate guidelines from Health Units and putting up necessary signage
  • Conduct training with all staff in regards to their roles and responsibilities with the COVID-19 response (e.g. Front Desk Staff Cleaning Protocols, Cash Handling, etc.)
  • Maintain open communication with all sport governing bodies regarding return to play, and consulting Public Health to ensure guidelines provided are accurate for our region

3. Reopened

  • Monitor Public Health recommendations and adapt/revise safety procedures and operational protocols as necessary

Athletics Working Group members

Tom Warden, Director, Athletics (Chair)
Lana Rizzuto, Admin
Meagan Griffin, Manager of Operations & Client Services
Joanna Sanchez, Head Athletic Therapist
Amanda Stefanile, Coordinator of Achievement Program
Craig Barclay, Varsity Sports Rep
Laura Ferguson, Coordination of Recreation, Clubs, Programs & Initiatives
Chris Glover, Acting Associate Vice-President, Administration (Orillia)


If you have any questions or matters you wish you raise with the Athletics Working Group, please email