Language & Style Guide: Degrees and their Abbreviations

When writing abbreviations do not use periods.

Example: PhD, BA/BEd, HBK, HBK/BEd, BAdmin, HBCom, HBScF, BES, HBASc, MF, MScF, PhD in Forest Sciences

Note the use of Capitals and Apostrophes

  • A Master of Arts. A master’s degree. A master’s student. An MA.
  • A Bachelor of Arts. A bachelor’s degree. A BA.
  • A Doctor of Philosophy. A doctorate. A doctoral degree, A PhD.
  • A Doctor of Letters, honoris causa. An honorary degree. 

List of Lakehead University Degrees

BA  Bachelor of Arts   
BAdmin  Bachelor of Administration  
BASc  Bachelor of Arts and Sciences  
BEd  Bachelor of Education  
BEng  Bachelor of Engineering  
BES  Bachelor of Environmental Studies  
BSc  Bachelor of Science  
BScN  Bachelor of Science in Nursing  
HBA  Honours Bachelor of Arts  
HBASc  Honours Bachelor of Arts and Sciences  
HBCom  Honours Bachelor of Commerce  
HBEd  Honours Bachelor of Education  
HBEM  Honours Bachelor of Environmental Management  
HBES  Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies  
HBESc  Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science  
HBFA  Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts  
HBK  Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology  
HBMus  Honours Bachelor of Music  
HBOR  Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation  
HBSc  Honours Bachelor of Science  
HBScF  Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry  
HBSW  Honours Bachelor of Social Work  
MA  Master of Arts  
MBA  Master of Business Administration  
MD  Doctor of Medicine  
MEd  Master of Education  
MES  Master of Environmental Studies  
MF  Master of Forestry  
MMgt  Master of Management  
MPH  Master of Public Health  
MSc  Master of Science  
MScF  Master of Science in Forestry  
MSEng  Master of Science in Engineering  
MSMgt  Master of Science in Management  
MSW  Master of Social Work  
PhD  Doctor of Philosophy  


List of Lakehead University Certificates:

Dipl Nat Lang Inst  Native Language Instructors' Diploma 
Dipl Eng Tech  Diploma in Engineering Technology  
GDip  Graduate Diploma