Titles (Note the use of hyphens and brackets):

  • President and Vice-Chancellor
  • Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
  • Vice-President (Research, Economic Development, and Innovation)
  • Vice-President (External Relations)
  • Vice-Provost (Student Affairs)
  • Research Director
  • Co-Director

Titles that precede a proper name are capitalized:

Example: Lakehead University President Brian Stevenson

Except when they are used as descriptors:

Example: He was appointed president of Lakehead University.

Example: As the 6th president and vice-chancellor of Lakehead University, I follow a roster of illustrious and dedicated individuals known for both their commitment to the sustainable progress of the institution, and their singular focus on the ongoing development of the communities served by the University.

Titles are capitalized when they are simpy listed after the name and lower case if the titles are woven into the fabric of the sentence:
Example: Mary Barnes, President, Wasaya Airlines, and Mario Crudo, Artistic Director, Magnus Theature, made a deposition to City Council on Monday night.

Example: Mary Barnes, the newly appointed president of Wasaya Airlines, and Mario Crudo, the current artistic director of Magnus Theatre, made a deposition to City Council on Monday night. 

Titles following a name and set off by commas are not capitalized (this is the preferred usage):

Example: Dr. Brian Stevenson, the president of Lakehead University, did not attend.

Example: Dr. Lori Livingston, dean of health and behavioural sciences, spoke first.

However: Dr. Gillian Siddall, the current dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, spoke first. (Note that capitals are used when mentioning the formal name of the Faculty.)

Titles are capitalized when used in a list:

Example: Dr. Gillian Siddall, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities; Dr. Arthur Jones, President and Vice-Chancellor; Dr. Mary Leggat, Vice-President (Academic) and Provost; Dr. Ronald Hayward, Vice-President (Research),

Do not capitalize titles standing alone:

Example: Contact the dean of graduate studies for more information. but, Contact Dr. Lori Livingston, Dean, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.


The honorific "Dr." is used at first reference for medical doctors and for those holding a PhD. This is an exception to Canadian Press Style. Second reference for both designations is first and last name or last name only.

When developing publications for specific audiences, feel free to establish your own style when it comes to using first names, last names, and honorifics (Dr., Professor, Mrs., Ms, etc.). For example, Lakehead U Magazine does not use "Dr." when speaking about faculty with PhDs because it distances the reader and looks and feels stuffy. On the other hand, the Agora, the Report to the Community, and Lakehead Media Releases do use the title "Dr." Whatever style you adopt, be consistent.

Lakehead graduates:

When Lakehead alumni are mentioned in stories, the style is to follow their name on a first or second reference with their degree:

Example: Tim Henderson, BA’75, MBA’02

If a person has one degree from Lakehead and another degree from a different institution, identify the universities in brackets:

Example: Kim Latimer, B.Journalism (Carleton), BEd (Lakehead), is the health promotion and communication planner at Regional Cancer Care Northwest and the communication coordinator at Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute.

Internet Terms:

Use capital letters: World Wide Web, Internet, the Net, Windows Explorer

Use lower case: cyberspace, email, home page, web, webcast, website


  • Lakehead University Men’s Basketball Team
  • C.J. Sanders Fieldhouse (not Saunders)
  • Hangar (not The Hangar)

Geographical Terms:

  • Northwestern Ontario, the Northwest 
  • Southern Ontario, the South
  • Northern Ontario, the North
  • Central Ontario
  • Province of Ontario, the Province

Directional Terms:

Directional Terms refers to general directions, such as north, south, east, west.

Example: Lakehead University is located east of Atikokan.


  • City of Thunder Bay (but: The city’s recycling program was extended for another two years.)
  • Government of Ontario, or the Ontario Government (but: the provincial government)
  • Government of Canada, the Canadian Government (but: the federal government)

Example: Lakehead sent the document to both the provincial and federal governments.

University Buildings, Departments, Organizations:

The names of buildings on campus are capitalized.

  • The Chancellor Paterson Library (but: the library)
  • Lakehead University
  • Lakehead U
  • the University, referring to Lakehead U (but: There are 23 universities in Ontario.)
  • the Faculty of Business Administration (but: The business administration faculty and staff...)
  • the Faculty of Engineering (but: The engineering faculty and staff...)
  • the Department of Chemistry (but: The chemistry department faculty...)

Do not capitalize faculties, schools, departments, or offices when referring to more than one:

Example: The faculties of engineering and education (but the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Education).

Proper names of courses are capitalized:

Example: Biology 2020 Human Anatomy (but: a 200-level biology course)

Do not capitalize fields of study/program names or areas of concentration:

Example: I graduated with a geology degree.

Example: She studied history, English, and economics.

Note: The names of all languages are capitalized such as English, French, and Inuktitut

When referring to a student studying a particular program/field, do not capitalize the program:

Example: A science student...

Example: An engineering student...

Other Terms:

  • Double Cohort
  • Charter Class
  • Aboriginal communities
  • First Nations
  • Métis peoples
  • Grade 9

In Quotations:

Example: His aphorism "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other" is a cogent warning to people of all ages.


Example: The new program "is imaginative, realistic, and worth the time and money invested," Saliba said