Language & Styleguide: Aboriginal Words and Spelling

Aboriginal people (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) 

In Canada, there are status (or reserve) Indians, non-status Indians (living outside reserves), Métis (people of mixed European and Native origin), and Inuit. Collectively, they are known variously as Aboriginal Peoples, original peoples, aboriginals, indigenous peoples, the First Nations, and other variations.

At Lakehead University, the term "Aboriginal peoples" is used with a capital "A" and lower case "p."

When referring to Native people use the upper case "N."

Correct: The man was a native of Montreal; he was born in the city after his parents emigrated from Pakistan in 1968.

Correct: Many of the Native people living in Quebec are Cree. 

Below are some commonly used words in referring to Aboriginal programming:

Words that Need Capitals  Words that Do Not Need Capitals (Unless Used as Proper Nouns) 
Aboriginal indigenous (but: Indigenous people and the Department of Indigenous Learning) 
First Nations status Indians
Native peoples (when referring to people of Aboriginal ancestry)  non-status Indians
Inuit powwow
Nishnawbe Aski Nation  
Indians (as in status Indians and non-status Indians)   

Indigenous people