sample logos of: Coroporate Identity, Unit Identities, and the University Tag Line

To request a logo, please contact Melissa Kastern, Communications & Marketing Associate, External Relations at: mmkaster@lakeheadu.ca

When asking for any of the files found in the Brand Guide Glossary, please use these names: (a) Corporate Identity, (b) Unit Identities (unit must be specified), (c) Tag Line

We also have the corporate identity to be used against a dark background. (See Brand Book)

We will supply you with three types of high resolution files:

  • (.tif)
    • For any printed material. The colour mode should be CMYK.
    • These files are resolution dependent and do not scale well.
  • (.eps)
    • For any printed material. The colour mode is CMYK.
    • An .eps is a vector file - scalable and the best quality format.
    • .eps files appear saturated and poorly coloured in some Word and Publisher files. They print perfectly.
  • (.jpeg)
    • Used if the file is for web or Power Point. The colour mode of these files should be RGB.

Note: It's best to test all three files types from your particular software for the best quality output on your printer.