Corporate Identity

The Corporate Identity is derived from the Lakehead University Coat-of-Arms. Central to the design are the waves, book, and sun as symbols of proximity to water, knowledge, and enlightenment. The Lakehead University Corporate Identity is to be used on branded merchandise, signage, communications, and marketing.

The consistent use of the Shield in all of Lakehead materials will portray academic credibility to all audiences.

Lakehead University Shield with WordmarkThe Shield graphic (left) and the Wordmark (right)

The Shield

Shield of the Corporate Identity graphic

The Lakehead University Shield may be used on its own.

The Wordmark

Lakehead University Wordmark crossed out

The Lakehead University Wordmark may not be used alone.

Meaning of Shield Iconography

Associating meaning to individual components within the shield icon

Colour Options

When reproducing the Lakehead University Corporate Identity in one or two colours, use one of the following logos. The specifications below also refer to reverse-colour printing situations, where the Corporate Identity must stand out in a black or dark single-colour field.

See Colour Palette for detail on colour information, Pantone, CMYK, and digital values.

Corporate Identity graphic options when using 2 colours2 colour

Corporate Identity graphic option with 1 colour cobalt option1 colour - cobalt

Corporate Identity graphic in black1 colour - black

Corporate Identity graphic reversedreversed

Use of Shield Alone

The Lakehead University Shield may be used independently of the Wordmark. The Shield itself is a strong symbol of not only Lakehead University but of tradition and academia. Within the context of a clearly branded marketing product the Shield can be used as a graphic element and icon of Lakehead University.

Examples of Shield colour variety

Corporate Identity Clearance

The Corporate Identity must be located within a mandatory free and clear area around the top, bottom, and sides. This safety area ensures that the Lakehead University Corporate Identity is always seen with optimum clarity and is not compromised by other graphic elements. The logo must be surrounded by white space, no less than the space of a lower case "a" on all four sides.

Corporate Identity graphic with clearance requirements

Size Restrictions (Minimum Size)

The Lakehead University Corporate Identity is made up of a number of graphic elements that must be reproduced at a minimum size of 3 cm or 1.18 inches on a horizontal plane for optimal legibility.

Corporate Identity graphic indicating horizontal size restrictions

Corporate Identity Usage Guidelines

The Lakehead University Corporate Identity may not be altered in any way.

examples of incorrect Corporate Identity graphic use