Coat-of-Arms and Wordmark

The Lakehead University Coat-of-Arms and Wordmark is the official symbol of the University. The fire and candles are symbols of enlightenment. The books symbolize wisdom and knowledge. The helmet is a symbol for bravery, and the canoe, pine tree, and water are indicative of our northern environment. The Coat-of-Arms and Wordmark should be used for official communications that originate from the Office of the President (memoranda of understanding, special invitations, and letters), and for formal documents (degrees, certificates, and Convocation programs.)

University Shield



 Coat-of-Arms and Wordmark Clearance

The logo must have white space the size of a "k" on all four sides (height and width).

Coat of Arms with Wordmark clearance requirements

Size restrictions (Minimum Size)

The Lakehead University Coat-of-Arms and Wordmark is made up of a number of graphic elements that must be reproduced at a minimum size of 3.175 cm or 1.25 inches on a vertical plane for optimal legibility.Coat of Arms with Wordmark size restrictions



Lakehead University was granted the Coat-of-Arms by the Earl Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk, on June 20, 1959.

The Coat-of-Arms may be used alone (without the Wordmark) but only in exceptional cases when it appears on materials that are clearly branded as Lakehead University materials. Example: Page 3 of the 2013-14 Viewbook.


Coat of Arms use and colour options Coat of Arms (left), 4-colour bitmap file (top middle), 1-colour vector file (bottom middle), Example 2013-14 Viewbook (right.)